Friday, April 18, 2008

Photo Friday Challenge #8 "snooze"

For this week's photo challenge, find a favorite pic that features someone taking a snooze! Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog once you've posted your pic for the challenge!

Here's mine:

I've been so busy the past few weeks that all I can think about at the end of each day is how badly I could've used a nap! Apparently, Bean could also use one! She was so tired after dinner last night that she fell asleep on the floor before we even had the chance to put her jammies on for bed!


Melanie said...

Awe, what a sweet girl! Here's my sweet girl:

scrappernic said...

Darling photo--what a little angel. Here's mine:

Lori said...

So cute! I took your challenge see my photo at