Monday, June 2, 2008

Sammy's first S'more

With Sammy having allergies to so many foods it's often a challenge to find any fun "kid food" that he can have for a special treat. He LOVED graham crackers as a little toddler and he really misses not being able to eat them with the rest of the kids. So I made it my goal today to make him his own wheat free graham crackers!

I used a rice/almond flour mix to make the dough and then rolled it out and cut it with a cookie cutter, making little Sam his very own round graham crackers! He loves them and was soooo excited!

We realized that he'd never had a s'more before and so you know we just had to hook our little guy up with a real treat tonight! With the homemade graham crackers, a soy-free chocolate bar from Trader Joes and a fluffy marshmallow, Sammy was able to enjoy his very first s'more!


Melanie said...

Yummy, looks good! Glad to see you posting again.


Nicole said...

Oh what a cutie! Now he really knows what life is all about!! What a good mom you are to put all that work in for his very own graham crackers!


Jenn said...

Thanks :0)

I just think it's so great that I'm able to find the recipes to make all this stuff for him! He's totally worth the effort!