Sunday, February 10, 2008

Walmart fall-apart

Saturday, the fam all went out for a little shopping. We usually make these little trips with all four kids at least once every weekend, and after about 10 minutes or so, the hubby and I begin to question why we thought that this time would be any different from the last few times we've attempted to take our lively brood out into public. Like somehow they've all decided that they would make Mom and Dad's afternoon easy and, I don't know, behave or something. As if.

We decided to limit the fun this week to just one stop, our local Walmart. Once the older kids decided to stop fighting about who got to get out of the car first, we all headed for the store entrance. We made it inside the first set of doors only to be held up again when our 3 year old bolted for the gumball machines and coin operated fire truck. Fast forward through 8 mins of pleading"come on Sammy, we've got to go buddy" through a tiny firetruck window.

Eventually, we make it all the way inside the store and we head for the baby dept. in the very back of the store. Well, that was the goal, anyway. This time our 7 year old makes a break for the nearby toy dept. It takes about 10 seconds until the other kids realize where he's headed and decide to join him. Fast forward through 23 mins of "Sammy, please get off the tricycle and come back over here with Mommy".

Two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and one Playskool Flip N' Play cell phone later, we make it over to the baby dept. We look around for a few minutes and find baby Ella a cute little pair of pink sneakers. We grab the shoes, wrangle our crew again and head for the check out deciding that we've had our fill of shopping with the kiddos for one weekend.

Once our stuff is all paid for, we head for the door and begin round 2 of Mom and Dad vs. Sammy and the fire truck......... Sammy and the fire truck win.

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