Monday, February 25, 2008

And I'd like to thank.......

Flippin' Sweet! I won Nona's Splash of Color Challenge! Thank's to Nona for hosting and for the absolutely adorable prize! Love it!

And in the spirit of yesterday's 80th Annual Academy Awards:

There are so many to thank for this honor...I'd like to thank my daughter, Bean, for deciding that naps are in fact quite reasonable for baby's to take once in a while and for choosing last Wednesday afternoon to give naptime a try.

I'd also like to thank the creative genius at Disney and Pixar Animation studios for their collaboration of "Ratatouille" without which my three year old would have been "helping me" in the creative process that fateful afternoon by stamping on my table and dumping entire containers of brads onto the carpet.

Thanks to my daughter, Taylor for recognizing the design to be a wedding cake and thus sparing me any potential embarassment from my paper crafting peers.

And lastly, I'd like to thank my Sam for resisting the natural urge of a three year old to peel the ribbon and flower off of my contest entry until after the photos had been taken. Thanks Bud, you're the best.


nonapearl said...

That's hillarious! LOVE it!

;) Nona

Sonja said...

That is stunning!!!! No wonder you won!!!


LaTraya said...

I absolutely love that card! It is simply elegant! Congrats! Can I have one just like it so I can frame it, pretty please ;-)