Monday, August 18, 2008

My *new* Little Scrapbook Nook

We've lived in our house for about 5 years now and during that time I've relocated my scrappy stuff 4 times! This last time I was displaced from my very own scrapbook room out into our loft area. I'm really happy with the space, it's turning out to be quite nice!

I wondered how in the world I'd be able to keep all of my scrappy treasures safe from little curious hands :0) since I can no longer just keep everything safely behind a locked door. But my wonderful hubby installed locks on all of the cabinets for me! Problem solved!

I'm really surprised at how perfect this new setup is working out. I'm able to work on projects or check emails and such and be right here next to the kids at the same time. They seem to really like that I'm hanging out with them in their space now too! Everybody wins!

I know I always like to see how other people organize all of their stuff, so I thought I'd share what works for me! Just click on the image to enlarge! Thanks for looking!

I am nothing if not resourceful! LOL! Notice how I repurposed the CTMH boxes and turned them into file boxes to hold my paper packets. Waste not, want not!

Funny note about this cabinet; I had sketched out and planned to the closest inch every part of this new setup and when it came time to put the printer, scanner and pazzles into this cabinet, I plugged everything in and went to shut the door to the cabinet and it wouldn't close!!! ARRRRGGG!! Soooooo, after a mini temper tantrum, I kindly asked my hubby to cut a hole in the wall so that the cords to the printer could be shoved back into the wall allowing me to shut the cabinet doors! He happily obliged, but made sure to let me know that I'd be patching the wall when the time came :0)


Melanie said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Looks like alot of fun! Can't wait to see you on Thursday. :)

Christine David said...

Um, love it! I think this is even better than it would have been downstairs. Sorry for losing you on the phone this afternoon.

Jenn said...

Thanks! I've been painting the other side of the room all day today and I'm loving it! I'll share some pics when I'm done!

nonapearl said...

Holy crud - why didn't we scrap at your house!?! You put my little space to shame!