Thursday, August 28, 2008

North Head Lighthouse

We arrived at the the North Head Lighthouse in Ilwaco only to find out that Sammy and Bean weren't allowed inside because it was being renovated and was potentially unsafe for wee ones. Sooooo...... what do you do with a 3 year old who's completely full of energy while his Daddy tours the lighthouse for 20mins? Well, you play an exciting game of "Ring Around the Lighthouse" of course!

"Watch me Mommy, I'm faster than McQueen!"

Then I thought it would be fun to get a group picture of the older 3 kiddos on the steps of the lighthouse. They didn't think that sounded very fun.

Next, I begged pleaded threatened asked very nicely for the boys to sit and get their picure taken together. They responded to said request by repeatedly elbowing each other. Thanks guys.

I ask ya.... Who has more fun than us????

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Melanie said...

Love the pictures, can't wait to see more.