Thursday, October 9, 2008


Supplies used: CTMH Caprise paper packet, cardstock, button & waxy flax; Fiskars "filigree" embossing plate, Prima flower;

My parents will be celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary on Friday. Aren't they cute?!

They recently took a trip across the country to check some items off of their bucket lists. My dad's a HUGE fan of westerns, so he wanted to go visit Monument Valley on the Utah/Arizona border. He was in cowboy heaven!

My mom's choice was Disneyland. It was so funny because they didn't tell any of us that they'd be stopping in Disneyland before they left because they didn't want to have to listen to my kids whine and beg to come along. We found out when they sent us an email from the Buzz Lightyear game! Nice move folks, very clever!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


nonapearl said...

Look at you pulling out the sewing machine! :) Love the card. It's so pretty!

Sparkle said...

I love your card! And looks like they had a great time!

Nicole said...

I love your card too!! So pretty, and I love the flower. Those pics look like they had an absolute blast! How fun for them.