Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Engineer Sam vs. Godz-Ella

Poor Sammy! He's had to learn a lot of patience becoming a big brother and this afternoon was no exception. He was just trying to have some nice quite time playing with his train set,when little Miss Ella decided she wanted to play too! Thanks for being such a good sport Sammy!

A smile of victory on the face of the mighty Godz-Ella!

Notsomuch with the smiling for Engineer Sam.

***Update: Sam has been sitting here in my lap as I post this and has declared the pics of Ella breaking apart the train track "ha-warious." Crisis averted. ;0)


Nate said...

Ha! That's "ha-warious."

Melanie said...

Too funny, what a sweet boy.

nonapearl said...

that is soooo stinkin' cute!

Christine David said...

That is just too darned funny! Ella's lucky Sam didn't take her out ;)