Thursday, March 27, 2008

What the scrap?!!! I've been tagged!

I've been tagged twice this week first by Christine and then again by Kim

So here are some random facts about moi:

1. I have freakishly sensitive feet. Seriously, the idea of going in and getting a pedicure or having the hubby rub my feet = torture! And I NEVER go barefoot!

2. I am the werld’s wurst spelur. God bless a spell check! No joke, I’ll use it about 37 times before I finish this post.

3. I can’t stand the smell of garlic! That’s pretty weird for me considering I used to eat the baked pieces of it that would come out of the pork roasts that my Grandma would cook when I was a kid. Ever since my second pregnancy, the smell of garlic has made me wretch! Yuck!

4. I’m a pseudo-twin! My brother was born on my birthday, but is four years younger than I am.

5. I’m still afraid of the dark.

6. I love desserts soooooo much that I've declared that every Tuesday shall be “Cookie Tuesday” where the family bakes (and eats, my favorite part--YUM!!) a batch of cookies. We’ve celebrated this totally awesome holiday every week for over a year now. Sweet!

7. I’m pretty sure I graduated high school ¼ of a credit short of the requirement. Allow me to explain:

During the last half of my junior year, I did homeschool and was also enrolled in an alternative school for one class. I completed all of the work but apparently, the class at the alternative school wasn’t worth the same amount of credits as regular classes. No one bothered to check this, including me, until way after graduation the following year. I was able to go on and attend college where I graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Psychology.

To this day I have a frequently reoccurring dream that I’ve been unknowingly skipping the one class that I need to pass in order to graduate and there isn’t enough time to make up the work! Wow, maybe I should use that fancy psych degree and do a little self-psychoanalysis!

Okay so the rules are...

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I'm only gonna tag 3; Nate, Mel, and Sonja

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