Monday, June 22, 2009

Gone Fishin'

On Father's Day, Sammy had fun hand-delivering this little card and a tin of some favorite cookies to my dad. It's funny, when I was making this little card, I thought to myself how much this did not represent the way I think of my dad. He doesn't fish or hunt or do any really outdoorsy things. He's an athlete through and through. He's played baseball since he was a kid and has been a coach for our local high school ball teams for over 40 years. He loves it and the kids love him. I do remember him taking my brother and me to one of those little u-fish, trout farms when we were really little. I also remember catching a wee little trout and then shrieking in terror at that same wee little trout. I prefer my experience with fish to be limited to the breaded and fried variety, thank you.

Supplies used: CTMH papers & sentiment, Hanna stamps image, Prismacolor markers, buttons

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Sparkle said...

Riley is still a cutie! :) Guess we'll have to ask Kristi to make a baseball one, lol.