Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2 cute 4 words!

Here's a set of pages I came up with for a little beginner's scrapbook class last Saturday. I had the worst time coming up with a title for these pages! It was terrible! I even had to enlist the help of Christine, and we came up with what we both agreed was a super cute title idea.

This is not it.
Supplies used: Making Memories papers, cardstock, ribbon,

Ha, ha, ha! You see, I then ran our super cute title idea by one of the ladies who would be attending the class, and she thought it was weird didn't care for it. Soooo... back to the ol' drawing board I went. In the end, everyone loved the pages and we all had really fun afternoon!

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Lisa said...

I think its great!! So what did you come up with for the title?